About me

Gabe Rodriguez Morrison

I am currently studying Integrated Business and Humanities at McMaster University. I think it is important to invest in companies that build a brighter future that I want to live in. There is a company behind every ticker symbol and I believe where I put my capital matters. My blog covers investment news and analysis weekly.

The Investment Journal

The Investment Journal was started as a way for me to journalize my own investments while providing valuable information for others. The blog is meant to help investors discover their own investment philosophy and make their own investment decisions. Subscribers will benefit from weekly investment news and in-depth analysis on some of the most innovative companies on the market.


I am not a financial advisor, this blog is not meant to be financial advice. The ideas expressed in this blog are purely my opinions and should not be regarded as objective information. Nothing on this blog is a recommendation to buy or sell assets. Always do your own due diligence.

Assets I currently own: Tesla, Square, Sea, Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Chainlink